Steven S. Aspenson [5]Steven Scott Aspenson [3]
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    Steven S. Aspenson (1989). Reply to O'Connor. Faith and Philosophy 6 (1):95-98.
    In this reply I consider David O’Connor’s article “A Variation on the Free Will Defense” in which he tries to show that natural evil is necessary for free will by showing that it is required for the possibility of “morally creditable free choice.” I argue that O’Connor’s reply to an anticipated objection was unsuccessful in showing that humans can be moral without the property he calls “p.” that an altered understanding of what “morally creditable free choice” is would not help. (...)
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    Ron Dultz, Michael Eldridge, Stephen M. Fishman, Lucille McCarthy, Antony Flew, Peter A. French, E. Theodore, Charles G. Gross & Steven Scott Aspenson (1998). Adorno, Theodor W. Critical Mod. Teaching Philosophy 21 (4):427.
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