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  1. David M. Sanbonmatsu, Sam Vanous, Christine Hook, Steven S. Posavac & Frank R. Kardes (2011). Whither the Alternatives: Determinants and Consequences of Selective Versus Comparative Judgemental Processing. Thinking and Reasoning 17 (4):367 - 386.score: 870.0
    Judgements of the value or likelihood of a focal object or outcome have been shown to vary dramatically as a function of whether judgement is based on selective or comparative processing. This article explores the question of when selective versus comparative processing is likely, and demonstrates that as motivation and opportunity to process information carefully (operationalised as accountability and time pressure, respectively) decrease, the likelihood of selective processing increases. Moreover, we document how individuals manage to render judgements when in selective (...)
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  2. Zlatko Posavac (1993). The Early Reception of Benedetto Croce's Aesthetics in Croatia (in Serbo Croation). Filozofska Istrazivanja 13 (3):675-684.score: 240.0
    In seinem Aufsatz hebt der Verfasser hervor, dass Croces Asthetik weltweit eines der einflussreichsten Kulturphanomene war, was nicht nur fur die erste Halfte des 20. Jahrhunderts gilt, sondern ebenso fur spatere Reflexe und Erganzungen in der zweiten Jahrhunderthalfte. Die Crocerezeption in Kroatien in der ersten Halfte unserers Jahrhunderts geht in erster Linie auf Mihovil Kombols ganzlich croceanisch begrundetets Werk "Poviject hrvatske knjizevnosti do preporoda" (Geschichte der kroatischen Literatur bis zur Wiedergeburtsbewegung, 1945) zuruck, ferner auf den eher soziologistischen Zugang zur Literatur (...)
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