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    Subrata Dasgupta (2008). Shedding Computational Light on Human Creativity. Perspectives on Science 16 (2):pp. 121-136.
    Ever since 1956 when details of the Logic Theorist were published by Newell and Simon, a large literature has accumulated on computational models and theories of the creative process, especially in science, invention and design. But what exactly do these computational models/theories tell us about the way that humans have actually conducted acts of creation in the past? What light has computation shed on our understanding of the creative process? Addressing these questions, we put forth three propositions: (I) Computational models (...)
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    Subrata Dasgupta (2003). Multidisciplinary Creativity: The Case of Herbert A. Simon. Cognitive Science 27 (5):683-707.
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    Subrata Dasgupta (2013). Epistemic Complexity and the Sciences of the Artificial. In Hanne Andersen, Dennis Dieks, Wenceslao González, Thomas Uebel & Gregory Wheeler (eds.), New Challenges to Philosophy of Science. Springer Verlag 313--323.
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