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  1. Sue L. Cataldi (1999). Sexuality Situated: Beauvoir on "Frigidity". Hypatia 14 (4):70-82.
    : This essay relates scenes from Beauvoir's novels to her views of female eroticism and frigidity in The Second Sex. Expressions of frigidity signal unjust power relations in Beauvoir's literature. She constructs frigidity as a symbolic means of rejecting dominance in heterosexual relations. Thus frigidity need not be interpreted, as it sometimes is, as a form of bad faith. The essay concludes with some thoughts on the relevance of Beauvoir's view of frigidity to contemporary feminism.
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    Sue L. Cataldi (2002). Animals and the Concept of Dignity: Critical Reflections on a Circus Performance. Ethics and the Environment 7 (2):104-126.
    : This essay concerns the dignity of nonhuman animals. It is composed of three sections. The first recounts my experience of a Moscow Circus performance and records some of my thoughts, feelings, and observations of this circus' famous bears. As is obvious from that account, the performance and presentation of the bears seemed to me to be undignified in a nontrivial, that is, morally objectionable sense of the word. The second section of the essay tries to specify that sense, to (...)
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    Sue L. Cataldi (1996). Emotion and Embodiment Fragile Ontology. International Studies in Philosophy 28 (4):124-126.
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    Sue L. Cataldi (1995). Women and Welfare: Ethical Aspects of Aid to Families with Dependent Children. Public Affairs Quarterly 9 (4):287-304.
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