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  1. Susan J. Hekman (2007). Gender and Knowledge: Elements of a Postmodern Feminism. Polity Press.
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    Susan J. Hekman (2010). The Material of Knowledge: Feminist Disclosures. Indiana University Press.
    Introduction -- The first settlement : philosophy of science -- The second settlement : analytic philosophy -- The third settlement : Foucault : we have never been postmodern -- The fourth settlement : feminism : from epistemology to ontology -- From construction to disclosure : ontology and the social.
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    Susan J. Hekman (1995). Moral Voices, Moral Selves: Carol Gilligan and Feminist Moral Theory. Pennsylvania State University Press.
    Using the work of Wittgenstein and Foucault, she outlines the parameters of a discursive morality and its implications for feminism and moral theory.
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  4. Susan J. Hekman (1986). Hermeneutics and the Sociology of Knowledge. University of Notre Dame Press.
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    Susan J. Hekman (2001). Perspectives on Equality: Constructing a Relational Theory (Review). Hypatia 16 (3):163-166.
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    Susan J. Hekman (2006). The Subject of Liberty: Toward a Feminist Theory of Freedom, And: The Claims of Culture: Equality and Diversity in the Global Era (Review). Hypatia 21 (3):190-194.
  7. Susan J. Hekman (2000). Reconsidering Ethics and Politics. Theory and Event 4 (4).
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