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    Susanne Boshammer, Matthias Kayss, Christa Runtenberg & Johann S. Ach (1998). Discussing Hugo: The German Debate on the Ethical Implications of the Human Genome Project. Journal of Medicine and Philosophy 23 (3):324 – 333.
    The current German criticism of HUGO centers around the term ‘human dignity’; consenquentialist and autonomy-based arguments are used. The debate culminates in questioning the integrity of bioethics as a scholarly discipline and has created a heterogeneous coalition of disparate political and social groups that oppose any research that would facilitate genetic pre-selection of human characteristics.
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    Susanne Boshammer & Matthias Kayß (1998). The Philosopher's Guide to the Galaxy of Welfare Theory: Recent English and German Literature on Solidarity and the Welfare State. [REVIEW] Ethical Theory and Moral Practice 1 (3):375-385.
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