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    Katrin Linser & Thomas Goschke (2007). Unconscious Modulation of the Conscious Experience of Voluntary Control. Cognition 104 (3):459-475.
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    Stefan Scherbaum, Maja Dshemuchadse, Rico Fischer & Thomas Goschke (2010). How Decisions Evolve: The Temporal Dynamics of Action Selection. Cognition 115 (3):407-416.
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    Maja Dshemuchadse, Stefan Scherbaum & Thomas Goschke (2013). How Decisions Emerge: Action Dynamics in Intertemporal Decision Making. Journal of Experimental Psychology: General 142 (1):93.
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    Annette Bolte & Thomas Goschke (2008). Intuition in the Context of Object Perception: Intuitive Gestalt Judgments Rest on the Unconscious Activation of Semantic Representations. Cognition 108 (3):608-616.
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    T. Goschke & Dirk Koppelberg (1991). The Concept of Representation and the Representation of Concepts in Connectionist Models. In William Ramsey, Stephen P. Stich & D. Rumelhart (eds.), Philosophy and Connectionist Theory. Lawrence Erlbaum 129--161.
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    Katharina Zwosta, Bernhard Hommel, Thomas Goschke & Rico Fischer (2013). Mood States Determine the Degree of Task Shielding in Dual-Task Performance. Cognition and Emotion 27 (6):1142-1152.
  7. A. Bolte & T. Goschke (forthcoming). Cognitive Mechanisms and Mental Representations Underlying Intuitive Judgments. Consciousness and Cognition.
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  8. Annette Bolte & Thomas Goschke (2002). Emotion, Kognition und Intuition: Implikationen der empirischen Forschung für das Verständnis moralischer Urteilsprozesse. In Verena Mayer & Sabine A. Döring (eds.), Die Moralität der Gefühle. De Gruyter 39-58.
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  9. T. Goschke & Dirk Koppelberg (1990). Connectionism and the Semantic Content of Internal Representation. Review of International Philosophy 44 (172):87-103.
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