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    Taki Suto (2004). Virtue and Knowledge. Review of Metaphysics 58 (1):61 - 79.
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    Taki Suto (2016). From Analysis of Words to Metaphysical Appreciation of the World: The Platonism of Boethius. Quaestio 15:321-331.
    Anicius Manlius Seuerinus Boethius has been regarded one of the major sources of Platonism in the Middle Ages, and the influence of different Platonists on his thought has been widely discussed. In his Aristotelian commentaries, however, Boethius rejects Platonists’ opinions while saying that Aristotle and Plato essentially agree. Boethius may have intended to show the agreement he saw, but did not provide any explanation in his works. In this article, I consider how Boethius could have seen such an agreement. While (...)
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    Taki Suto (2012). Boethius on Mind, Grammar, and Logic: A Study of Boethius' Commentaries on Peri Hermeneias. Brill.
    Boethius, the Roman philosopher, was executed for treason and pilloried by modern scholars for misinterpreting Aristotle to the West. This book examines his semantics and logic, attempting to clear his name and lend him new credence.
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