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Thomas B. Talbott [5]Thomas Bradley Talbott [1]
  1. Thomas B. Talbott (1986). On Divine Foreknowledge and Bringing About the Past. Philosophy and Phenomenological Research 46 (3):455-469.
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    Thomas B. Talbott (1988). On the Divine Nature and the Nature of Divine Freedom. Faith and Philosophy 5 (1):3-24.
    In my paper, I defend a view that many would regard as self-evidently false: the view that God’s freedom, his power to act, is in no way limited by his essential properties. I divide the paper into five sections. In section i, I call attention to a special class of non-contingent propositions and try to identify an important feature of these propositions; in section ii, I provide some initial reasons. based in part upon the unique features of these special propositions, (...)
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    Thomas B. Talbott (1982). Quinn on Divine Commands and Moral Requirements. International Journal for Philosophy of Religion 13 (4):193 - 208.
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  4. Thomas B. Talbott (1979). Indeterminism and Chance Occurrences. Personalist 60 (July):253-261.
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  5. Thomas B. Talbott (1988). On Free Agency and the Concept of Power. Pacific Philosophical Quarterly 69 (September):241-54.