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    Thomas I. Cochrane (2007). Brain Disease or Moral Condition? Wrong Question. American Journal of Bioethics 7 (1):24 – 25.
    The author comments on the article “The neurobiology of addition: Implications for voluntary control of behavior,‘ by S. E. Hyman. The author agrees with Hyman that debate persists whether addiction is a brain disease or a moral condition. The author suggests that even if we understand the neurobiology of addiction, it will make sense to seek accountability from the addict and to modify his behavior. He also suggests that no facts about neurobiology will change these moral requirements. Accession Number: 24077917; (...)
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    Thomas I. Cochrane (2007). Religious Delusions and the Limits of Spirituality in Decision-Making. American Journal of Bioethics 7 (7):14 – 15.
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    Frank Chessa, Thomas I. Cochrane, Joan MacGregor & Kenneth Leeds (2009). Wanted, Dead or Alive. Hastings Center Report 39 (3):4-6.
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    Robert D. Truog & Thomas I. Cochrane (2006). The Truth About" Donation After Cardiac Death". Journal of Clinical Ethics 17 (2):133.
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