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    Thomas Kiefer (2013). Hermeneutical Understanding as the Disclosure of Truth. Philosophy Today 57 (1):42-60.
    Recent scholarship on the nature of truth within Hans-Georg Gadamer’s and Martin Heidegger’s philosophies has focused primarily on identifying and explicating the commonality between their respective accounts of truth. However, this emphasis on commonality has overlooked Gadamer’s distinctive understanding of truth outside of and beyond a simple development of Heidegger’s consideration of truth as alētheia. This paper defends the claim that the specific manner in which Gadamer and Heidegger critique the correspondence theory of truth is indicative of their distinctive conceptions (...)
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    Thomas Kiefer (2007). Time for Aristotle. Ancient Philosophy 27 (1):223-227.
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    Thomas Kiefer (2008). The Syntax of Time. Ancient Philosophy 28 (2):466-470.
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    Thomas Kiefer (2007). Time for Aristotle: Physics IV.10-14, by Ursula Coope. Ancient Philosophy 27 (1):223-227.
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  5. Geoffrey Dierckxsens, Rudmer Bijlsma, Michael Begun & Thomas Kiefer (eds.) (2016). The Animal Inside: Essays at the Intersection of Philosophical Anthropology and Animal Studies. Rowman & Littlefield International.
    A team of renowned philosophers and a new generation of thinkers come together to offer the first book-length examination of the relationship between philosophical anthropology and animal studies.
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