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    Thomas M. Scanlon (2013). Giving Desert its Due. Philosophical Explorations 16 (2):1-16.
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    Thomas M. Scanlon (2002). Reasons and Passions. In Sarah Buss & Lee Overton (eds.), Contours of Agency: Essays for Harry Frankfurt. MIT Press
    This sense of attributability, or internality, is the quarry in many of Frankfurt's articles, and it has proved to be an elusive one. In this paper I want to explore, in a tentative fashion, the question of why we should be interested in finding this quarry. It seems to me that there are at least two quite distinct kinds of reason for this concern, and that when they are distinguished the problem may look less difficult than it has seemed.
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    Thomas M. Scanlon (1982). Contractualism and Utilitarianism. In Amartya Kumar Sen & Bernard Arthur Owen Williams (eds.), Utilitarianism and Beyond. Cambridge University Press 103--110.
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    Thomas M. Scanlon (1991). The Moral Basis of Interpersonal Comparisons. In Jon Elster & John E. Roemer (eds.), Interpersonal Comparisons of Well-Being. Cambridge University Press 17--44.
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    Thomas M. Scanlon (1995). Fear of Relativism. In Rosalind Hursthouse, Gavin Lawrence & Warren Quinn (eds.), Virtues and Reasons. Clarendon Press 219--246.
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