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    Luke Rendell, Laurel Fogarty, William J. E. Hoppitt, Thomas J. H. Morgan, Mike M. Webster & Kevin N. Laland (2011). Cognitive Culture: Theoretical and Empirical Insights Into Social Learning Strategies. Trends in Cognitive Sciences 15 (2):68-76.
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    Alex Mesoudi, Simon Blanchet, Anne Charmantier, Étienne Danchin, Laurel Fogarty, Eva Jablonka, Kevin N. Laland, Thomas J. H. Morgan, Gerd B. Müller, F. John Odling-Smee & Benoît Pujol (2013). Is Non-Genetic Inheritance Just a Proximate Mechanism? A Corroboration of the Extended Evolutionary Synthesis. Biological Theory 7 (3):189-195.
    What role does non-genetic inheritance play in evolution? In recent work we have independently and collectively argued that the existence and scope of non-genetic inheritance systems, including epigenetic inheritance, niche construction/ecological inheritance, and cultural inheritance—alongside certain other theory revisions—necessitates an extension to the neo-Darwinian Modern Synthesis (MS) in the form of an Extended Evolutionary Synthesis (EES). However, this argument has been challenged on the grounds that non-genetic inheritance systems are exclusively proximate mechanisms that serve the ultimate function of calibrating organisms (...)
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    Thomas Morgan (1969). The Moral Philosopher. Stuttgart-Bad Cannstatt, Frommann-Holzboog.
    ... of them in the MORAL PHILOSOPHER. ...
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    Robert C. Klesges, Hugh Mcginley, Gregory J. Jurkovic & Thomas J. Morgan (1979). The Predictive Validity of Typical and Maximal Personality Measures in Self-Reports and Peer Reports. Bulletin of the Psychonomic Society 13 (6):401-404.
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  5. Thomas Morgan (1737). The Moral Philosopher, 1737. Garland Pub..