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    Tibor Scitovsky (1996). My Own Criticism Ofthe Joyless Economy. Critical Review 10 (4):595-605.
    Abstract The Joyless Economy focused on the boredom of the idle rich and neglected the boredom of the idle and idled poor. However, their boredom is much more serious than what the book dealt with, because it is chronic and often incurable. It usually begins with the neglect of destitute children who never learn how to concentrate on learning in school, become unruly and often end up unemployable, and have no better way than violence to release their energies.
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  2. Tibor Scitovsky (1993). The Meaning, Nature, and Source of Value in Economics. In R. Michod, L. Nadel & M. Hechter (eds.), The Origin of Values. Aldine de Gruyer 93--106.