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    Tim Jordan (1995). The Philosophical Politics of Jean-Franqois Lyotard. Philosophy of the Social Sciences 25 (3):267-285.
    The systematic philosophical foundation for Jean-François Lyotard's postmodern and post-Marxist politics is described. The central principle of the right to create different "phrases" is uncovered and examined. The political consequences of this philosophical system are explored, leading to the conclusion that Lyotard's commitment to difference leads to political indifference. The philosophical roots of this indifference are detailed in Lyotard's Cartesian starting point and his analysis of Holocaust revisionism. This analysis reveals an idealist basis to Lyotard's philosophy of difference. Lyotard's concept (...)
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    Tim Jordan (1995). Collective Bodies: Raving and the Politics of Gilles Deleuze and Felix Guattari. Body and Society 1 (1):125-144.