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    Timothy J. Hargrave (2009). Moral Imagination, Collective Action, and the Achievement of Moral Outcomes. Business Ethics Quarterly 19 (1):87-104.
    Drawing upon the collective action model of institutional change, I reconceptualize moral imagination as both a social process and a cognitive one. I argue that moral outcomes are not produced by individual actors alone; rather, they emerge from collective action processes that are influenced by political conditions and involve behaviors that include issue framing and resource mobilization. I also contend that individual moral imagination involves the integration of moral sensitivity with consideration of collective action dynamics. I illustrate my arguments with (...)
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    Timothy J. Hargrave (2012). Discerning Possibilities for Action: A Typology of Approaches to Moral Imagination. Business and Society Review 117 (3):307-328.
    The existing literature on moral imagination proposes that actors can best respond to ethical dilemmas by tailoring their actions to the practical demands of the situation. It has done little to develop this insight, however. To address this gap, I used institutional theory to identify six ideal type approaches to moral imagination. I proposed that in addressing ethical dilemmas, the morally imaginative actor takes account of two situational factors: first, the social construction of the unmet ethical claim or obligation which (...)
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    Craig Brandist, James G. Buickerood, James E. Crimmins, Jonathan Elukin, Matt Erlin, Matthew R. Goodrum, Paul Guyer, Leor Halevi, Neil Hargraves & Peter Harrison (2002). Andrews, Naomi J.:“La Mère Humanité”: Femininity in the Romantic Socialism of Pierre Leroux and the Abbé A.-L. Constant........... Boyle, Marjorie O'Rourke: Pure of Heart: From Ancient Rites to Renaissance Plato..................................... [REVIEW] Journal of the History of Ideas 63:745-746.
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    Dasaratha Rama, Bernard J. Milano, Silvia Salas & Che-Hung Liu (2009). CSR Implementation: Developing the Capacity for Collective Action. [REVIEW] Journal of Business Ethics 85 (2):463 - 477.
    This article examines capacity development for collective action and institutional change through the implementation of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives. We integrate Hargrave and Van de Ven's (2006, Academy of Management Review 31(4), 864-888) Collective Action Model with capacity development literature to develop a framework that can be used to clarify the nature of CSR involvement in capacity development, help identify alternative CSR response options, consider expected impacts of these options on stakeholders, and highlight trade-offs across alternative CSR investments. (...)
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