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    Shari R. Veil, Timothy L. Sellnow & Morgan C. Wickline (2013). British Petroleum: An Egregious Violation of the Ethic of First and Second Things. Business and Society Review 118 (3):361-381.
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    Robert R. Ulmer & Timothy L. Sellnow (2000). Consistent Questions of Ambiguity in Organizational Crisis Communication: Jack in the Box as a Case Study. [REVIEW] Journal of Business Ethics 25 (2):143 - 155.
    The complexity of crisis situations allows for corporate responses to create multiple interpretations for organizational stakeholders concerning crisis evidence, the organization's intentions, and the locus of responsibility. Hence, organizations have the ability to emphasize an interpretation where the organization is viewed most favorably. Using Jack in the Box as a case study, we apply stakeholder theory to ascertain the ethical implications of employing strategic ambiguity in organizational crisis communication. We conclude that the crisis response provided by Jack in the Box's (...)
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    Renae A. Streifel, Bethany L. Beebe, Shari R. Veil & Timothy L. Sellnow (2006). Significant Choice and Crisis Decision Making: Meritcare's Public Communication in the Fen–Phen Case. [REVIEW] Journal of Business Ethics 69 (4):389 - 397.
    This study examines the communication strategies employed by MeritCare’s public relations staff during the fen–phen case. The ethic of significant choice was the primary lens for the study. The study revealed that MeritCare’s public relations staff members believed they did, in fact, follow the ethic of significant choice. Specifically, they perceived that the biases held by staff helped maintain the public’s safety as the primary issue during the fen–phen events. They also believed that their communication strategies allowed them to avoid (...)
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