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    Timothy Lubin (2013). Aśoka's Disparagement of Domestic Ritual and Its Validation by the Brahmins. Journal of Indian Philosophy 41 (1):29-41.
    In his edicts, the emperor Aśoka Maurya extols brāhmaṇas, usually alongside ascetics (śramaṇas), as deserving honor and generosity, though he never alludes to their connection with ritual, the central theme of early Brahmanical literature. On the other hand, in Rock Edicts I and IX, he disparages sacrifices, and ceremonies performed by women, advocating instead the practice of ethical virtues. Close attention to the wording of Rock Edict IX shows that Aśoka and the Brahmanical Gṛhyasūtras talk about domestic rites in very (...)
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  2. Timothy Lubin (2005). The Transmission, Patronage, and Prestige of Brahmanical Piety From the Mauryas to the Guptas. In Federico Squarcini (ed.), Boundaries, Dynamics and Construction of Traditions in South Asia. Firenze University Press and Munshiram Manoharlal 77--103.
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    Timothy Lubin (2001). Science, Patriotism, and Mother Veda: Ritual Activism in Maharashtra. [REVIEW] International Journal of Hindu Studies 5 (3):297-321.
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    Sita Anantha Raman, Robert Nichols Richard, Joshua Searle-White, Heather T. Frazer, Timothy Lubin, Robin Rinehart, Joel R. Smith, Andrea Pinkney, David Gordon White, John Powers, Phyllis Herman, Lawrence A. Babb, Carl Olson, June McDaniel, Knut A. Jacobsen, John E. Cort, Gregory P. Fields & Jeffrey J. Kripal (2000). Book Reviews and Notices. [REVIEW] International Journal of Hindu Studies 4 (2):185-216.
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