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Profile: Timothy Morton (Rice University)
  1. Timothy Morton (2013). Hyperobjects: Philosophy and Ecology After the End of the World. Univ of Minnesota Press.
    Having set global warming in irreversible motion, we are facing the possibility of ecological catastrophe. But the environmental emergency is also a crisis for our philosophical habits of thought, confronting us with a problem that seems to defy not only our control but also our understanding. Global warming is perhaps the most dramatic example of what Timothy Morton calls “hyperobjects”—entities of such vast temporal and spatial dimensions that they defeat traditional ideas about what a thing is in the first place. (...)
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    Timothy Morton (2010). The Ecological Thought. Harvard University Press.
    Introduction : critical thinking -- Thinking big -- Dark thoughts -- Forward thinking.
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    Timothy Morton (2011). Objects as Temporary Autonomous Zones. Continent 1 (3):149-155.
    continent. 1.3 (2011): 149-155. The world is teeming. Anything can happen. John Cage, “Silence” 1 Autonomy means that although something is part of something else, or related to it in some way, it has its own “law” or “tendency” (Greek, nomos ). In their book on life sciences, Medawar and Medawar state, “Organs and tissues…are composed of cells which…have a high measure of autonomy.”2 Autonomy also has ethical and political valences. De Grazia writes, “In Kant's enormously influential moral philosophy, autonomy (...)
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    Timothy Morton (2008). Ecologocentrism: Unworking Animals. Substance 37 (3):73-96.
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    Timothy Morton (2013). She Stood in Tears Amid the Alien Corn: Thinking Through Agrilogistics. Diacritics 41 (3):90-113.
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