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    Sarah von der Mühlen, Tobias Richter, Sebastian Schmid, Elisabeth Marie Schmidt & Kirsten Berthold (2015). Judging the Plausibility of Arguments in Scientific Texts: A Student–Scientist Comparison. Thinking and Reasoning 22 (2):221-249.
    ABSTRACTThe ability to evaluate scientific claims and evidence is an important aspect of scientific literacy and requires various epistemic competences. Readers spontaneously validate presented information against their knowledge and beliefs but differ in their ability to strategically evaluate the soundness of informal arguments. The present research investigated how students of psychology, compared to scientists working in psychology, evaluate informal arguments. Using a think-aloud procedure, we identified the specific strategies students and scientists apply when judging the plausibility of arguments and classifying (...)
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    Tobias Richter & Rolf A. Zwaan (2009). Processing of Color Words Activates Color Representations. Cognition 111 (3):383-389.
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    Benjamin E. Hilbig & Tobias Richter (2011). Homo Heuristicus Outnumbered: Comment on Gigerenzer and Brighton (2009). Topics in Cognitive Science 3 (1):187-196.
    Gigerenzer and Brighton (2009) have argued for a “Homo heuristicus” view of judgment and decision making, claiming that there is evidence for a majority of individuals using fast and frugal heuristics. In this vein, they criticize previous studies that tested the descriptive adequacy of some of these heuristics. In addition, they provide a reanalysis of experimental data on the recognition heuristic that allegedly supports Gigerenzer and Brighton’s view of pervasive reliance on heuristics. However, their arguments and reanalyses are both conceptually (...)
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