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    Tom G. Palmer (1998). G. A. Cohen on Self‐Ownership, Property, and Equality. Critical Review 12 (3):225-251.
    Abstract G.A. Cohen has produced an influential criticism of libertarian?ism that posits joint ownership of everything in the world other than labor, with each joint owner having a veto right over any potential use of the world. According to Cohen, in that world rationality would require that wealth be divided equally, with no differential accorded to talent, ability, or effort. A closer examination shows that Cohen's argument rests on two central errors of reasoning and does not support his egalitarian conclusions, (...)
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    Tom G. Palmer (1990). The Hermeneutical View of Freedom. In Don Lavoie (ed.), Economics and Hermeneutics. Routledge
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    Tom G. Palmer (1998). What'snotwrong with Libertarianism: Reply to Friedman. Critical Review 12 (3):337-358.
    Abstract In his critique of modern libertarian thinking, Jeffrey Friedman (1997) argues that libertarian moral theory makes social science irrelevant. However, if its moral claims are hypothetical rather than categorical imperatives, then economics, history, sociology, and other disciplines play a central role in libertarian thought. Limitations on human knowledge necessitate abstractly formulated rules, among which are claims of rights. Further, Friedman's remarks on freedom rest on an erroneous understanding of the role of definitions in philosophy, and his characterization of the (...)
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    Tom G. Palmer & Sheldon L. Richman (1988). Liberalism in Search of its Self. Critical Review 2 (1):144-148.
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    Tom G. Palmer (1990). Book Review:The Fatal Conceit: The Errors of Socialism. F. A. Hayek. [REVIEW] Ethics 101 (1):192-.
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    Tom G. Palmer (1991). Book Review:Social Contract, Free Ride: A Study of the Public Goods Problem. Anthony de Jasay. [REVIEW] Ethics 101 (3):651-.
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