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  1. Francis Halsall, Julia Jansen & Tony O'Connor (eds.) (2009). Rediscovering Aesthetics: Transdisciplinary Voices From Art History, Philosophy, and Art Practice. Stanford University Press.
    Rediscovering Aesthetics brings together prominent international voices from art history, philosophy and artistic practice who reflect on current notions, ...
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  2. Tony O'Connor (1988). Foucault and the Transgression of Limits. In Hugh J. Silverman (ed.), Philosophy and Non-Philosophy Since Merleau-Ponty. Routledge
  3. Tony O'Connor (1981). Heidegger and the Limits of Language. Man and World 14 (1):3-14.
  4. Tony O'Connor (1980). Merleau-Ponty and the Problem of the Unconscious. Research in Phenomenology 10 (1):77-88.
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