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    Tony Ro, Bruno Breitmeyer, Philip Burton, Neel S. Singhal & David Lane (2003). Feedback Contributions to Visual Awareness in Human Occipital Cortex. Current Biology 13 (12):1038-1041.
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    Bruno G. Breitmeyer, Tony Ro & Neel S. Singhal (2004). Unconscious Color Priming Occurs at Stimulus- Not Percept-Dependent Levels of Processing. Psychological Science 15 (3):198-202.
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    Bruno G. Breitmeyer, Tony Ro & Haluk Ogmen (2004). A Comparison of Masking by Visual and Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation: Implications for the Study of Conscious and Unconscious Visual Processing. Consciousness and Cognition 13 (4):829-843.
    Visual stimuli as well as transcranial magnetic stimulation can be used: to suppress the visibility of a target and to recover the visibility of a target that has been suppressed by another mask. Both types of stimulation thus provide useful methods for studying the microgenesis of object perception. We first review evidence of similarities between the processes by which a TMS mask and a visual mask can either suppress the visibility of targets or recover such suppressed visibility. However, we then (...)
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  4. Bruno G. Breitmeyer, Tony Ro, Haluk Ögmen & Steven Todd (2007). Unconscious, Stimulus-Dependent Priming and Conscious, Percept-Dependent Priming with Chromatic Stimuli. Perception and Psychophysics 69 (4):550-557.
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    Jennifer Boyer & Tony Ro (2007). Attention Attenuates Metacontrast Masking. Cognition 104 (1):135-149.
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  6. Marjan Persuh & Tony Ro (2012). Context-Dependent Brightness Priming Occurs Without Visual Awareness. Consciousness and Cognition 21 (1):177-185.
    Our visual systems account for stimulus context in brightness perception, but whether such adjustments occur for stimuli that we are unaware of has not been established. We therefore assessed whether stimulus context influences brightness processing by measuring unconscious priming with metacontrast masking. When a middle-gray disk was presented on a darker background, such that it could be consciously perceived as brighter via simultaneous brightness contrast , reaction times were significantly faster to a bright annulus than to a dark annulus. We (...)
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  7. Tony Ro (2006). The Cognitive Neuroscience of Unconscious and Conscious Vision. In Haluk Ögmen & Bruno G. Breitmeyer (eds.), The First Half Second: The Microgenesis and Temporal Dynamics of Unconscious and Conscious Visual Processes. MIT Press 335-352.
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    Tony Ro & Robert Rafal (2006). Visual Restoration in Cortical Blindness: Insights From Natural and TMS-Induced Blindsight. Neuropsychological Rehabilitation 16 (4):377-396.
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