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    Trevor Smith (2006). Homosexuality and the Bible. Teaching Philosophy 29 (4):299-306.
    The argument presented here explores homosexuality within the context of applied Christian ethics. The argument works by asking students to grapple with and define the common characteristics of all eros relationships. Once the students analytically break down eros relationships, and wrestle with defining concepts such as “love,” “sex,” and “desires,” basic biblical moral precepts are applied. After this biblical application it can be shown that there is latitude enough in Christian morality to openly permit homosexuality that iscompatible with biblically stated (...)
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    Trevor Smith (2012). Punk Rock and Discourse Ethics. Radical Philosophy Review 15 (2):281-304.
    Alison Jaggar, in her treatment of feminist discourse ethics, expresses worries about using “idealized and imaginary communities” as elucidatory tools for discursive ethics. In response, this paper presents the history of 924 Gilman (an all-ages punk rock collective in the San Francisco Bay area) as a case study of a non-imagined and real discursive community. While the example of 924 Gilman, with its overtly feminist agenda and democratic ethos, bolsters Jaggar’s claims about the need for “closed communities” within discourse ethics, (...)
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    Parminder Singh Kang, A. Duffy, Nigel Shires, Trevor Smith & Mike Novels, Lean Cables ? A Step Towards Competitive, Sustainable and Profitable Processes.
    In the business world, one of the key challenges is how to survive in ever changing business environments and outperforming the competitors, while keeping the operational cost at minimum and profits at maximum level. In other words, this can be described as the problem of improving operational efficiency and reducing cost. Over the past few years due to global financial challenges, it has become even more important to improve the operational efficiency and reduce costs to survive through these tough conditions. (...)
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    Trevor Smith (1999). Ethics in Medical Research: A Handbook of Good Practice. Cambridge University Press.
    This is a comprehensive and practical guide to the ethical issues raised by different kinds of medical research, and is the first such book to be written with the needs of the researcher in mind. Clearly structured and written in a plain and accessible style, the book covers every significant ethical issue likely to be faced by researchers and research ethics committees. The author outlines and clarifies official guidelines, gives practical advice on how to adhere to these, and suggests procedures (...)
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