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    L. Shastri & V. Ajjanagadde (1993). From Simple Associations to Systematic Reasoning: A Connectionist Representation of Rules, Variables, and Dynamic Binding Using Temporal Synchrony. Behavioral and Brain Sciences 16 (3):417-51.
    Human agents draw a variety of inferences effortlessly, spontaneously, and with remarkable efficiency – as though these inferences were a reflexive response of their cognitive apparatus. Furthermore, these inferences are drawn with reference to a large body of background knowledge. This remarkable human ability seems paradoxical given the complexity of reasoning reported by researchers in artificial intelligence. It also poses a challenge for cognitive science and computational neuroscience: How can a system of simple and slow neuronlike elements represent a large (...)
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  2. R. D. Alexander, M. J. Almeida, Anderson Jr, L. Aqvist, R. Audi, R. Axelrod, B. J. Baars, A. Baddeley, G. A. Barnard & B. Barnes (1993). Abelson, RP 64 Adams, MJ 94-5 Adler, JE 310n Ajjanagadde, V. 138, 139, 152-6 Ajzen, I. 310n. In K. I. Manktelow & D. E. Over (eds.), Rationality: Psychological and Philosophical Perspectives. Routledge
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