Vivian Boland [3]V. Boland [1]
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    V. Boland (2006). Truth, Knowledge and Communication: Thomas Aquinas on the Mystery of Teaching. Studies in Christian Ethics 19 (3):287-304.
    The context in which Thomas Aquinas reflects on teaching is discussed, as are the texts in which he does so. We learn how he understands teaching from two other considerations, how he went about the task, and the pedagogical concerns that persist through his writing career. The most important source for his convictions about pedagogy is the Bible, and Jesus is ‘the most excellent of teachers’. His account of teaching is ultimately theological, then, in line with his concerns in Summa (...)
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  2. Vivian Boland (2016). The Thoughtful Heart: The Metaphysics of John Henry Newman, with a Fully Annotated Reader's Text of Newman's Discursive Enquiries on Metaphysical Subjects by William F.Myers, Marquette Studies in Philosophy No.85, Marquette University Press, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, 2013, Pp.331, $29.00, Pbk. [REVIEW] New Blackfriars 97 (1069):393-395.
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