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    Vijay Mascarenhas (2010). God and the Good in Aristotle's Nicomachean Ethics. Epoché: A Journal for the History of Philosophy 15 (1):35-59.
    By examining the systematic integration of theology, ethics, and teleology in Aristotle’s Nicomachean Ethics, I address four key interpretational aporiai: the apparently illogicality of the opening lines, the apparent contradiction between practical virtue and contemplation being the highest good, the “dominant” v. “inclusivist” views of eudaimonia, and the immanence v. transcendence of God. I show how proper attention to the link between Aristotle’s conception of the Good as “that at which all things aim” and God as the prime unmoved mover, (...)
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    Vijay Mascarenhas (2001). Hume's Recantation Revisited. Hume Studies 27 (2):279-300.
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    Vijay Mascarenhas (2002). Descartes' Cosmological and Ontological Proofs of God's Existence: A Refutation of Skepticism? Philosophical Investigations 25 (2):190–200.
  4. Vijay Mascarenhas (1998). Consciousness, Representation, Thought and Extension: An Interpretation of Monistic Parallelism in the Philosophy of Baruch Spinoza. Studia Spinozana: An International and Interdisciplinary Series 14:92-110.
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  5. Vijay Mascarenhas (2002). Intentionality, Causality, and Self-Consciousness: Implications for the Naturalization of Consciousness. Metaphysica 3 (2):83-96.