1. James M. Buchanan & Viktor J. Vanberg (1991). The Market as a Creative Process. Economics and Philosophy 7 (02):167-.
    Our purpose is to identify a body of criticism of orthodox equilibirum theory in economics that seems to correspond closely with the developments note in the natural sciences, and, second, to elaborate on the implications of this (the radical subjectivist) criticism in some detail and, particularly, in this relation to its near neighbour, the entrepreneurial conception of Israel Kirzner.
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    Viktor J. Vanberg (2004). The Rationality Postulate in Economics: Its Ambiguity, its Deficiency and its Evolutionary Alternative. Journal of Economic Methodology 11 (1):1-29.
    Though the rationality postulate is generally considered the paradigmatic core of economics, there is little agreement about its specific content and methodological status. This paper seeks to clarify some of the ambiguity surrounding the postulate by drawing a distinction between the non?refutable, purely heuristic rationality principle and refutable rationality hypotheses. An alternative, evolutionary outlook at purposeful human behavior is outlined that captures much of what makes the rationality postulate attractive to economists but avoids the ambiguities that have made it the (...)
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  3. Viktor J. Vanberg (2002). Mercados y Regulación. El contraste entre el liberalismo de libre mercado y el liberalismo constitucional. Isonomía. Revista de Teoría y Filosofía Del Derecho 17:79-116.
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