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  1. Vincent E. Cangelosi (1967). Compound Statements and Mathematical Logic. Columbus, Ohio, C.E. Merrill Books.
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    Angelo Cangelosi (2006). The Grounding and Sharing of Symbols. Pragmatics and Cognition 14 (2):275-286.
    The double function of language, as a social/communicative means, and as an individual/cognitive capability, derives from its fundamental property that allows us to internally re-represent the world we live in. This is possible through the mechanism of symbol grounding, i.e., the ability to associate entities and states in the external and internal world with internal categorical representations. The symbol grounding mechanism, as language, has both an individual and a social component. The individual component, called the “Physical Symbol Grounding“, refers to (...)
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    Stevan Harnad, Rachel Pevtzow.
    In innate Categorical Perception (CP) (e.g., colour perception), similarity space is "warped," with regions of increased within-category similarity (compression) and regions of reduced between-category similarity (separation) enh ancing the category boundaries and making categorisation reliable and all-or-none rather than graded. We show that category learning can likewise warp similarity space, resolving uncertainty near category boundaries. Two Hard and two Easy texture learning tasks were compared: As predicted, there were fewer successful Learners with the Hard task, and only the successful Learners (...)
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