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  1. Virgil Martin Nemoianu (2010). The Spinozist Freedom of George Eliot's Daniel Deronda. Philosophy and Literature 34 (1):pp. 65-81.
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    Virgil Martin Nemoianu (2010). The Insufficiency of the Many Gods Objection to Pascal's Wager. American Catholic Philosophical Quarterly 84 (3):513-530.
    Perhaps the best known criticism of Pascal’s wager is the many Gods objection. As so often with anglophone criticisms of Pascal, the many Gods objectiontypically treats the wager in isolation from the rest of Pascal’s thought. In this case, the truncated reading has issued in the view that Pascal was indifferent toor ignorant of the possibility that Gods other than the one described by Catholic theology might exist. This view is false. Even a cursory glance beyond the wagerfragment reveals that (...)
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    Virgil Martin Nemoianu (2013). Beyond the Contingent: Epistemological Authority, a Pascalian Revival, and the Religious Imagination in Third Republic France. By Kathleen A. Mulhern. Pp. 212, Wipf and Stock, 2011, $25.00. [REVIEW] Heythrop Journal 54 (3):524-525.
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    Virgil Martin Nemoianu (2013). The Order of Pascal's Politics. British Journal for the History of Philosophy 21 (1):34-56.
    This essay rejects two common views of Pascal: (a) that he holds only temporal and contingent standards of justice to be available to human beings and (b) that he is indifferent to all but eternal standards of justice. Against these reductive misunderstandings, I provide a detailed reconstruction of Pascal's political thought, drawn from the Pensées and other texts. I show that Pascal develops an account of two distinct and hierarchized orders of justice: a temporal order and an eternal order. Pascal (...)
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    Virgil Martin Nemoianu (2011). Pascalian Faith and the Place of the Wager. Heythrop Journal 52 (1):27-39.
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    Virgil Martin Nemoianu (2013). The Logic of the Heart: Augustine, Pascal, and the Rationality of Faith. By James R. Peters. Pp. 304, Baker Academic, 2009, $35.00. [REVIEW] Heythrop Journal 54 (1):161-162.