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    Kwasi Wiredu, W. E. Abraham, Abiola Irele & Ifeanyi Menkiti (eds.) (2004). A Companion to African Philosophy. Blackwell Pub..
    This volume of newly commissioned essays provides comprehensive coverage of African philosophy, ranging across disciplines and throughout the ages. Offers a distinctive historical treatment of African philosophy. Covers all the main branches of philosophy as addressed in the African tradition. Includes accounts of pre-colonial African philosophy and contemporary political thought.
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  2. W. E. Abraham (1996). The Life and Times of Anton Wilhelm Amo, the First African (Black) Philosopher in Europe. In Molefi K. Asante & Abu S. Abarry (eds.), African Intellectual Heritage: A Book of Sources. Temple University Press 424-40.
  3. W. E. Abraham (1962). The Mind of Africa. Chicago: University of Chicago Press.
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  4. W. Emmanuel Abraham (1995). A Paradigm of African Society. In Safro Kwame (ed.), Readings in African Philosophy: An Akan Collection. University Press of America 39--65.
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    W. E. Abraham (1962). Is the Concept of Necessary Existence Self-Contradictory? Inquiry 5 (1-4):143 – 157.
    In this article I have tried to rebut certain types of arguments which purport to show not merely that God does not exist but that the notion of necessary existence is itself either self-contradictory or senseless. In showing that it is not self-contradictory I have allowed myself the luxury of a negative and a positive approach. Negatively, I have had to show that when the accusation of self-contradiction is made, it is often accompanied, not by an argument but by a (...)
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  6. W. E. Abraham (2004). Anton Wilhelm Amo. In Kwasi Wiredu (ed.), A Companion to African Philosophy. Blackwell 191-99.