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    Walter Leszl (2004). Aristotle's Logical Works and His Conception of Logic. Topoi 23 (1):71-100.
    I provide a survey of the contents of the works belonging to Aristotle's Organon in order to define their nature, in the light of his declared intentions and of other indications (mainly internal ones) about his purposes. No unifying conception of logic can be found in them, such as the traditional one, suggested by the very title Organon, of logic as a methodology of demonstration. Logic for him can also be formal logic (represented in the main by the De Interpretatione), (...)
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    Walter Leszl (1970). Logic and Metaphysics in Aristotle. Antenore.
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    Walter Leszl (1985). Plato and the Forms of Knowledge. Philosophy and History 18 (1):39-40.
  4. Walter Leszl (1975). Aristotle's Conception of Ontology. Antenore.
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  5. Walter Leszl (2011). From Hegel to Zeller. In Oliver Primavesi & Katharina Luchner (eds.), The Presocratics From the Latin Middle Ages to Hermann Diels. Steiner Verlag
  6. Walter Leszl, Leucippus & Democritus (eds.) (2009). I Primi Atomisti: Raccolta di Testi Che Riguardano Leucippo E Democrito. Leo S. Olschki.
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