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  1. Rebecca E. Kelly, Warren Mansell, Vaneeta Sadhnani & Alex M. Wood (2012). Positive and Negative Appraisals of the Consequences of Activated States Uniquely Relate to Symptoms of Hypomania and Depression. Cognition and Emotion 26 (5):899-906.
  2. Warren Mansell (2011). Control of Perception Should Be Operationalized as a Fundamental Property of the Nervous System. Topics in Cognitive Science 3 (2):257-261.
    This commentary proposes that “cognitive control” is neither componential nor emergent, but a fundamental feature of behavior. The term “control” requires an operational definition. This is best provided by the negative feedback loop that utilizes behavior to control perception; it does not control behavior per se. In order to model complex cognitive control, Perceptual Control Theory proposes that loops are organized into a dissociable hierarchical network (PCT; Powers, Clark, & McFarland, 1960; Powers, 1973a, 2008). In this way, behavior is dynamically (...)
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  3. Warren Mansell (2000). Conscious Appraisal and the Modification of Automatic Processes in Anxiety. Behavioural and Cognitive Psychotherapy 28 (2):99-120.
  4. Warren Mansell, David M. Clark, Anke Ehlers & Yi-Ping Chen (1999). Social Anxiety and Attention Away From Emotional Faces. Cognition and Emotion 13 (6):673-690.