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    Warren Neill (1998). An Emotocentric Theory of Interests. Environmental Ethics 20 (2):163-182.
    It is plausible to hold that ethical obligations are concerned with bringing about the existence of things that have value, where something is of value if and only if it is in the interest of some entity. Here the notion of an interest may be defined as whatever contributes to the well-being of a morally significant entity. I argue that interests are limited to individuals with the capacity for affective response. After briefly distinguishing between various different types of value, I (...)
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    Warren Neill (1998). An Interest-Satisfaction Theory of Value. Ethics and the Environment 3 (1):55 - 80.
    In this paper, I argue that all value is rooted in the interests of valuing beings. If something satisfies an interest of a valuing entity by contributing to its well-being in some way, then it has value. Anything that fails to satisfy any interests is entirely lacking in value. I defend this conception of value by showing that the usual arguments directed against this kind of view are lacking of force, and by considering various other theories of value and showing (...)
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    Warren Neill (2001). Book Review: Alex Wellington, Allan Greenbaum, and Wesley Cragg, Eds. Canadian Issues in Environmental Ethics, Peterborough, Ontario: Broadview Press, 1997. [REVIEW] Ethics and the Environment 6 (1):116-121.
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    Warren Neill (2001). Canadian Issues in Environmental Ethics (Review). Ethics and the Environment 6 (1):116-121.
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