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    Wendy Lee-Lampshire (1995). Women-Animals-Machines: A Grammar for a Wittgensteinian Ecofeminism. [REVIEW] Journal of Value Inquiry 29 (1):89-101.
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    Wendy Lee-Lampshire (1991). History as Genealogy. Philosophy and Theology 5 (4):313-331.
    The aim of the following paper is, firstly, to provide the reader with a brief exposition of the critical response offered by some current french feminists of the largely American, compensatory approach to feminist historiography. Secondly, I wish to show why the french feminist alternative itself provides an inadequate methodology for the resolution of the problems that it raises in its critique. Lastly, I shall suggest that the Wittgensteinian concept of ‘family resemblance’ contains the seeds of a plausible alternative to (...)
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    Wendy Lee-Lampshire (1999). Spilling All Over the "Wide Fields of Our Passions": Frye, Butler, Wittgenstein and the Context(s) of Attention, Intention and Identity (Or: From Arm Wrestling Duck to Abject Being to Lesbian Feminist). Hypatia 14 (3):1-16.
    : I argue for a Wittgensteinian reading of Judith Butler's performative conception of identity in light of Marilyn Frye's analysis of lesbian as nonexistent and Butler's analysis of abject. I suggest that the attempt to articulate a performative lesbian identity must take seriously the contexts within which abjection is vital to maintaining gender, exposing the intimate link between context and the formulation of intention, and shedding light on possible lesbian identities irreducible to abjection.
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  4. Wendy Lee-Lampshire (1992). Kenneth Rankin, The Recovery of the Soul: An Aristotelian Essay on Self-Fulfillment Reviewed By. Philosophy in Review 12 (6):426-428.
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  5. Wendy Lee-Lampshire (1998). The Foundation Walls That Are Carried by the House: A Critique of the Poverty of Stimulus Thesis and a Wittgensteinian-Dennettian Alternative. Journal of Mind and Behavior 19 (2):177-193.
  6. Wendy Lee-Lampshire (1997). Women-Animals-Machines. In Karen Warren (ed.), Ecofeminism: Women, Culture, Nature. Indiana Univ Pr 412.
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    Wendy Lee-Lampshire (1992). Telos and the Unity of Psychology: Aristotle's "de Anima" II 3-4. Apeiron 25 (1):27 - 47.