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  1. William B. Blankenburg (1995). Measuring Morality in Newspaper Management. Journal of Mass Media Ethics 10 (3):147 – 153.score: 870.0
    This article examines the ethics of resource allocation by newspaper management. The notion of quality is used to link ethics and economics in publishing, and a quantitative standard of moral behavior in budgetary policy is offered.
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  2. M. Adriaensen, A. Anderson, N. Andreasen, C. Aussilloux, A. Badiou, R. Barbaras, H. B. Barlow, S. Baron-Cohen, F. Bartlett & S. Beckett (2005). Blankenburg, W. 148 Bleuler, E. 156, 158. In Helena De Preester & Veroniek Knockaert (eds.), Body Image and Body Schema. John Benjamins Publishing Company. 329.score: 24.0
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