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    William Nelson, Gili Lushkov, Andrew Pomerantz & William B. Weeks (2006). Rural Health Care Ethics: Is There a Literature? American Journal of Bioethics 6 (2):44 – 50.
    To better understand the available publications addressing ethical issues in rural health care we sought to identify the ethics literature that specifically focuses on rural America. We wanted to determine the extent to which the rural ethics literature was distributed between general commentaries, descriptive summaries of research, and original research publications. We identified 55 publications that specifically and substantively addressed rural health care ethics, published between 1966 and 2004. Only 7 (13%) of these publications were original research articles while (12) (...)
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    William A. Nelson, Julia Neily, Peter Mills & William B. Weeks (2008). Collaboration of Ethics and Patient Safety Programs: Opportunities to Promote Quality Care. [REVIEW] HEC Forum 20 (1):15-27.
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    William B. Weeks & William A. Nelson (1993). The Ethical Role of the Consultant. Cambridge Quarterly of Healthcare Ethics 2 (04):477-.
    In the United States, physicians are Increasingly functioning In the consultative role. This change in role Is undoubtedly a result of a surge in the numbers of specialists, the relative decreasing number of primary care physicians, and the emergence of tertiary care centers as primary treatment providers. This change In the style of practicing medicine has led to role confusion In attending physician-patient-consultant relationships.
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    William B. Weeks, Tina Foster, Amy E. Wallace & Erik Stalhandske (2001). Tort Claims Analysis in the Veterans Health Administration for Quality Improvement. Journal of Law, Medicine & Ethics 29 (3-4):335-345.
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