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  1. David Atkinson, Jeanne Peijnenburg, Theo Kuipers, William T. Wojtach, Erik Curiel & Ronald Pisaturo (2009). 1. How to Confirm the Conjunction of Disconfirmed Hypotheses How to Confirm the Conjunction of Disconfirmed Hypotheses (Pp. 1-21). [REVIEW] Philosophy of Science 76 (1).
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    William T. Wojtach (2009). Reconsidering Perceptual Content. Philosophy of Science 76 (1):22-43.
    An important class of teleological theories cannot explain the representational content of visual states because they fail to address the relationship between the world, projected retinal stimuli, and perception. A different approach for achieving a naturalized theory of visual content is offered that rejects the traditional internalism/externalism debate in favor of what is termed “empirical externalism.” This position maintains that, while teleological considerations can underwrite a broad understanding of representation, the content of visual representation can only be determined empirically according (...)
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