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  1. Ernest W. Adams & William Y. Adams (1987). Purpose and Scientific Concept Formation. British Journal for the Philosophy of Science 38 (4):419-440.
  2. William Y. Adams (2004). Machine Consciousness: Plausible Idea or Semantic Distortion? Journal of Consciousness Studies 11 (9):46-56.
    I found the JCS issue on Machine Consciousness, Volume 10, No. 4-5 , frustrating and alienating. There seems to be a consensus building that consciousness is accessible to scientific scrutiny, so much so that it is already understood well enough to be modeled and even synthesized. I'm not so sure. It could be instead that the vocabulary of consciousness is being subtly redefined to be amenable to scientific investigation and explicit modeling. Such semantic revisionism is confusing and often misleading. Whatever (...)
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  3. William Y. Adams, Introspectionism Reconsidered.
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  4. William Y. Adams, Intersubjective Transparency and Artificial Consciousness.
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  5. William Y. Adams, James H. Howard & Denis Foster Johnston (forthcoming). Other Notices. The Eugenics Review.