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    Hans Burkhardt & Wolfgang Degen (1990). Mereology in Leibniz's Logic and Philosophy. Topoi 9 (1):3-13.
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    Wolfgang Degen, Barbara Heller, Heinrich Herre & Barry Smith (2001). GOL: A General Ontological Language. In C. Welty B. Smith (ed.), Formal Ontology and Information Systems. Acm Press
    Every domain-specific ontology must use as a framework some upper-level ontology which describes the most general, domain-independent categories of reality. In the present paper we sketch a new type of upper-level ontology, which is intended to be the basis of a knowledge modelling language GOL (for: 'General Ontological Language'). It turns out that the upper- level ontology underlying standard modelling languages such as KIF, F-Logic and CycL is restricted to the ontology of sets. Set theory has considerable mathematical power and (...)
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