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  1. Wolfgang Krohn (2010). Interdisciplinary Cases and Disciplinary Knowledge. In Julie Thompson Klein & Carl Mitcham (eds.), The Oxford Handbook of Interdisciplinarity. OUP Oxford 32--49.
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    Matthias Gross & Wolfgang Krohn (2005). Society as Experiment: Sociological Foundations for a Self-Experimental Society. History of the Human Sciences 18 (2):63-86.
    Experiments are generally thought of as actions or operations undertaken to test a scientific hypothesis in settings detached from the rest of society. In this paper a different notion of experiment will be discussed. It is an understanding that has been developed in the classical tradition of the Chicago School of Sociology since the 1890s, but has so far remained unexplored. This sociological understanding of experiment does not model itself strictly on the natural sciences. Rather, it implies a process of (...)
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    Wolfgang Krohn & Matthias Gross (2004). Science in a Real-World Context: Constructing Knowledge Through Recursive Learning. Philosophy Today 48 (5):38-50.
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  4. Wolfgang Krohn, Edwin T. Layton & Peter Weingart (eds.) (1978). The Dynamics of Science and Technology: Social Values, Technical Norms, and Scientific Criteria in the Development of Knowledge. D. Reidel Pub. Co..