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    Armin Grunwald & Yannick Julliard (2007). Nanotechnology – Steps Towards Understanding Human Beings as Technology? NanoEthics 1 (2):77-87.
    Far-reaching promises made by nanotechnology have raised the question of whether we are on the way to understanding human beings more and more as belonging to the realm of technology. In this paper, an increasing need to understand the technological re-conceptualization of human beings is diagnosed whenever increasingly “technical” interpretations of humans as mechanical entities are disseminated. And this can be observed at present in the framework of nanobiotechnology, a foremost “technical” self-description where a technical language is adopted. The arena (...)
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  2. Armin Grunwald & Yannick Julliard (2005). Technik als Reflexionsbegriff: überlegungen zur semantischen Struktur des Redens über Technik. Philosophia Naturalis 42 (1):127-157.
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    Yannick Julliard (2004). Ethics Quality Management. Techne 8 (1):117-135.
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