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    Junping Liu & Ying Xiong (2011). International Symposium on Chinese Philosophy in Recent Thirty Years. Journal of Chinese Philosophy 38 (1):165-165.
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    Ying Xiong (2011). Ethno Literary Identity and Geographical Displacement: Liu Na'ou's Chinese Modernist Writing in the East Asian Context. Asian Culture and History 3 (1):p3.
    In the course of his short literary life, Liu Na'ou travelled across four geographical areas: Taiwan, Japan, Shanghai and Beijing, as well as five cultural domains: Taiwanese, Japanese, French, English and Chinese. The transnational facet of Liu's modernist writing is not merely literary or cultural but political and historical. The earliest modernist writing in China was initiated on the basis of the colonial experience of Taiwan and the semi-colonial modernity of Shanghai. It became a “contact zone” in which various cultural (...)
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