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    Young Bin Moon (2012). “God as a Communicative System Sui Generis. Process Studies 40 (1):192-193.
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    Young Bin Moon (2010). God as a Communicative System Sui Generis: Beyond the Psychic, Social, Process Models of the Trinity. Zygon 45 (1):105-126.
    With an aim to develop a public theology for an age of information media (or media theology), this article proposes a new God-concept: God is a communicative system sui generis that autopoietically processes meaning/information in the supratemporal realm via perfect divine media ad intra (Word/Spirit). For this task, Niklas Luhmann's systems theory is critically appropriated in dialogue with theology. First, my working postmetaphysical/epistemological stance is articulated as realistic operational constructivism and functionalism. Second, a series of arguments are advanced to substantiate (...)
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    Young Bin Moon (2012). The Mediatized Co-Mediatizer: Anthropology in Niklas Luhmann's World. Zygon 47 (2):438-466.
    Abstract This essay explores what it means to be human in an age of infomedia. Appropriating Niklas Luhmann's systems theory/media theory in dialogue with other resources, I propose a post-Luhmannian paradigm of (1) extended media/meaning that conceives the world as world multimedia systems processing variegated meanings, and (2) an embodied, contextualized soft posthumanist anthropology that conceives the human as emergent collective phenomena of distinct meaning making by body-mind-society-technology media couplings. I argue: (1) Homo sapiens is Homo medialis distinct with mediatic (...)
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