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A good source for modern cosmology and its philosophical and religious contexts is Hetherington 1993. The historical interaction between cosmology and religion in the twentieth century is dealt with in Kragh 2004, and, from a different perspective, in Worthing 1996. An interesting dialogue about the (a)theistic implications of physical cosmology can be found in Craig & Smith 1995. A popular account of loop quantum cosmology is given in Bojowald 2009; more technical accounts are given in Ashtekar 2009 and Wüthrich 2006. Popular accounts of string cosmology are given in Gasperini 2008 and Veneziano 2004, 2009. For Steinhardt and Turok's cyclic cosmology, see Steinhardt & Turok 2007. For Penrose's conformal cyclic cosmology, see Penrose 2010.

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