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Primary Literature (German Editions and English Translations)

Works listed in this section are by Richard Dedekind, unless otherwise specified.

1854 “Über die Einführung neuer Funktionen in der Mathematik; Habilitationsvortrag”; in Dedekind (1930–32), Vol. 3, pp. 428–438.
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1876a “Bernhard Riemanns Lebenslauf”, in Riemann (1876), pp. 539–558.
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1877 Sur la Théorie des Nombres Entiers Algébrique, Paris: Gauthier-Villars; reprinted in Dedekind (1930–32), Vol. 3, pp. 262–296; English trans. Dedekind (1996b).
1882 “Theorie der algebraischen Funktionen einer Veränderlichen”, with H. Weber; reprinted in Dedekind (1930–32), Vol. 1, pp. 238–350.
1888a Was sind und was sollen die Zahlen?, Braunschweig: Vieweg (originally published as a separate booklet); reprinted in Dedekind (1930–32), Vol. 3, pp. 335–91, and in Dedekind (1965), pp. III–XI and 1–47; English trans., (Dedekind 1901c) and (revised) Dedekind (1995).
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2008 Richard Dedekind: La création des nombres, H.B. Sinaceur, ed. and trans., Paris: Vrin; French trans. of various texts by Dedekind.

Secondary Literature (in English, French, and German)

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