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Hamann's writings

Hamann's works, including those unpublished in his lifetime, are reprinted in the collection edited by Josef Nadler:

Citations from this source, in conformity with common practice for Hamann references, are given above as: N II, 13:10. This means “Nadler's edition, volume two, page thirteen, line ten.” This same mode of reference also applies to the translations in Gwen Griffith Dickson (see below), wherein the pages are laid out in as close an approximation as possible to Nadler's edition.

Hamann's Letters

Citations from this source are given as: ZH 4 etc. as above.

All translations from Hamann's works and letters in the above article are from Gwen Griffith Dickson (see below) except for the translation from the letter to Kraus, which is cited in the translation by Garrett Green, in Schmidt, James (ed.). What is Enlightenment? Eighteenth-Century Answers and Twentieth-Century Questions. Berkeley and Los Angeles: University of California Press, 1996.

Other selections

Other editions and commentaries, in German

English translations and commentaries

Monographs and studies in English

Literature reviews

The International Hamann-Colloquium

The International Hamann-Colloquium meets every few years. Collections of its papers are some of the most important contributions to Hamann scholarship:

Secondary Sources

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