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Mill's Writings

There are many editions of Mill's more popular and influential works, including many of his writings in moral and political philosophy. The definitive edition of Mill's writings is Collected Works of John Stuart Mill [CW], 33 vols., ed. J. Robson, Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 1965-91. In order to facilitate common reference among readers using different editions, I will, in general, refer to Mill's writings using natural divisions in his texts, such as chapter, section, and/or paragraph. I refer to the following works, employing the associated abbreviations.

So, for instance, OL I 11 refers to paragraph 11 of chapter I in On Liberty and SL VI.xii.6 refers to book VI, chapter xii, section 6 of A System of Logic. Where it helps to include a specific page reference to Mill's Collected Works, I will use volume and page number. So, for instance, “Bentham” CW X 110 would refer to page 110 in Mill's essay “Bentham” in volume X of Mill's Collected Works.

Other Works

This is a very select bibliography of other primary and secondary work relevant to the study of Mill's moral and political philosophy. It is selective, because Mill scholarship is voluminous and my knowledge of it is limited. While it does include those works I have found especially interesting or useful, it is not intended to be comprehensive.

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