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Mill's Works

The standard edition of Mill's writings, in thirty-three volumes, is the following:

Mill, J. S., Collected Works of John Stuart Mill, J. M. Robson (ed.), Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 1963ff.

The introductions by various authors are in each case worth reading. Volume and page numbers given below for Mill's works are to this edition. Page references in the preceding article refer to this edition.

“Bentham,” CW, v. 10, pp. 75-115.
“Coleridge,” CW, v. 10. pp. 117-63.
System of Logic, Ratiocinative and Inductive, CW, v. 7-8.
Principles of Political Economy, CW, v. 2-3.
On Liberty, CW, v. 18, pp. 213-310.
Utilitarianism, CW, v. 10, pp. 203-59.
Considerations on Representative Government, CW, v. 29, pp. 371-577.
An Examination of Sir William Hamilton's Philosophy, CW, v. 9.
Auguste Comte and Positivism, CW, v. 10, pp. 261-368.
The Subjection of Women, CW, v. 21, pp. 259-340.
Notes to James Mill, Analysis of the Phaenomena of the Human Mind, 2nd edition, J. S. Mill (ed.); (1st edition, 1829; 2nd edition, London: Longman, Green, Reader and Dyer, 1869; reprinted New York: A. Keley, 1967).
Autobiography, CW, v. 1, pp. 1-290.
Three Essays on Religion, CW, v. 10, pp. 369-489.
Chapters on Socialism, CW, v. 5, pp. 703-53.
Earlier Letters, CW, v. 12-13 [Mill's correspondence through 1848].
Later Letters, CW, v. 14-17 [Mill's correspondence after 1848].
Public and Parliamentary Speeches, CW, v. 28-29.


Secondary Literature

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