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The Beginner's Guide to the Literature

This is a short list of books on nationalism that are readable and useful as introductions to the literature. First, the two opposing social science contemporary classics:

The two best recent anthologies of high-quality philosophical papers on the morality of nationalism, are:

The debate continues in:

A good brief sociological introduction to nationalism in general is

Crosby, S.E., 2005, Nationalism: A Very Short Introduction, Oxford: Oxford University Press.

and to the gender-inspired criticism of nationalism is:

and more recently the chapter on

The best general introduction to the communitarian-individualist debate is still:

For a non-nationalist defense of culturalist claims see

Three very readable philosophical defenses of very moderate nationalism are:

A polemical, witty and thoughtful criticism is offered in

An influential critical analysis of group solidarity in general and nationalism in particular, written in the tradition of rational choice theory is:

There is a wide offer of interesting sociological and political science work on nationalism, which is beginning to be summarized in

A recent encyclopedic overview is

A detailed sociological study of life under nationalist rule is:

The most readable short anthology of brief papers for and against cosmopolitanism (and nationalism) by leading authors in the field is:


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